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Lab report osmosis

Paper type: ReportSubject: Science. Kinetic energy, a root of energy stored in cells, causes molecules to hit into each other and move in new directions. Diffusion is the result of this contact. Diffusion is the random movement of molecules to an area of lower concentration from an area of higher concentration.

Osmosis is a type of diffusion. This is the diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane from a region of higher water potential to a region of lower water likely. Water potential is the measure of free energy of water in a solution. A living system also contains an active transport to make movement of particles like ions that move against their concentration gradient.

The energy source ATOP is used during this process to move the particles across the cell membrane. This experiment takes place to measure the diffusion of small molecules through dialysis tubing. This tubing acts as a selectively permeable membrane, allowing larger molecules to pass through, but slowly. Dialysis is the movement of a solute through a selectively permeable membrane. When the two solutions on either sides of the membrane re equal and no net movement is detected, the solutions are isotonic.

This means that the solutions have the same concentration of solutes. If two solutions differ in the concentration of solutes that each has, the one with more solute is hypersonic. The solution that has less solute is hypotonic Apparatus: Experiment 1: Diffusion 1. Elodea plant 2. Zipper plant 3. Hypotonic solution 4. Hypersonic solution 5.

Light microscope Experiment 2: Osmosis 1. Potato Experiment 3: Ferrous 1. Ferrous Sulfate 2.

Osmosis And Diffusion Lab Report Paper

Don't use plagiarized sources. Potassium Africanized 3. Slides 4.In this study, we tested the validity of osmosis in artificial animal cells. Osmosis is the diffusion of free water across a membrane. The purpose of the study was to calculate the rate of osmosis in artificial cells containing different concentrations of sucrose and water.

We studied the rate of osmosis in artificial cells by creating five different dialysis bags with different concentrations of both sucrose and water and calculating the cumulative change in weight ever 10 minutes for 90 minutes.

Our results for the artificial cells showed different concentrations moved from high to low concentrations- through hypotonic movement or hypertonic movement. Introduction The main purpose of this paper is to assess the rate of change with osmosis for different concentrations of sucrose in artificial cells. The forces that affect osmosis are the concentrations of solutes surrounding the cell or inside of the cell. Water will then move across the cell membrane and create a balance of water between the cell and its environment.

In order to calculate the average rate of change for our artificial cells, we must understand tonicity as the ability of a nearby solution to cause a cell to lose or gain water, depending on its concentration of non-penetrating solutes relative to solutes inside the cell.

The dialysis bags used in this experiment have membranes that are selectively permeable, which only allows particles specifically small enough to pass through. Hire a subject expert to help you with Lab Report Osmosis.

In a hypotonic solution, water goes into the cell because the solute is more concentrated inside the cell, while in a hypertonic solution, water moves out of the seller because the solute is more concentrated outside of the cell. We are testing the effect of osmosis on different concentrations of artificial cells by calculating the cumulative change in weight and the corrected cumulative changes in weight and by determining whether a solution is hypertonic, hypotonic, or isotonic.

We predicted that a dialysis bag holding tap water in a beaker also containing tap water is in an isotonic solution. This will result in isotonic solutions remaining at the same weight, hypotonic solutions gaining weight, and hypertonic solutions losing weight.

We tested this by creating the five different dialysis bags with different concentrations of sucrose in order to measure the weight change in grams of the bag after nine 10 minute increments. Methods and Materials. This experiment took place on Monday, February 6th, During this time, we tested the effects of different sucrose concentrations on the rate of osmosis in artificial cells we made with dialysis tubing.

We studied five different dialysis bags containing 10mL of different concentrations of tap water and sucrose. We began the experiment by soaking the dialysis tubes to prepare them for the sucrose concentrations they would be filled with. Each bag was clamped closed.

All the bags were weighed before being placed in their corresponding beakers in order to record their initial weight in grams. In the same manner in which the bags were placed in the beakers simultaneously, remove the bags every 10 minutes, and record the weight of each bag. This process should be repeated for at least 90 minutes in total. This data was analyzed by calculating the cumulative change in weight for each dialysis bag. This was done from subtracting the weight of each bag from the initial weight of the bag.

Doing so, allows the weight of each bag to be initially zero. For that, we must calculate the corrected cumulative change in weight. For each time interval of 10 minutes, we subtracted the change in weigh of bag 1 tap water from the weight of each bag at the specific time measure- this corrected any oscillations.

Results in The corrected cumulative change in weight due to osmosis from different concentrations of sucrose and tap water are shown in Figure One. This figure shows the weight change in grams for every interval of 10 minutes. Using the corrected cumulative change in weight eliminates bag 1 because its average rate of change will always be zero.

The purpose of this experiment was to determine the relationship between concentration gradients and the rates of osmosis. Using the corrected cumulative change, we can monitor the rate of change for each bag, and correlate the rate of change to the rate of osmosis.

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These results prove that the direction of osmosis does directly affect the rate of osmosis. If the slope begins with a negative x value, the solution is indeed a hypertonic solution, that when surrounding a cell will cause the cell to lose water, moving from a high concentration to a lower concentration.

The slopes which begin with a positive x value demonstrate a hypotonic solution, which causes a cell to take in water.Abstract- Provides a clear and concise 1-paragraph abstract which summarizes the purpose, methods, results, and key findings. Introduction- Clearly states the purpose of the lab.

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Provides sufficient background on the topic and relates lab activity to course topics. Includes hypothesis. Methods- Describes procedures outlining the steps of the experiment with enough detail that someone could perform the experiment. Includes description of equipment used, steps taken, timing, etc.

Results- Reports data and observations from the experiment. Results may be presented in a variety of formats to suit the material: written narrative, graphs, tables, dissection photos, etc.

Includes titles, labels, units, scaling, captions, etc. Indicates if the hypothesis was correct why or why not? Formatting, Spelling, Grammar- Follows report template, including title page, numbering, and required sections. The report is free of spelling and grammatical errors. Sentence structure is sound and demonstrates clarity of thought.

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References- Internal citations are included along with reference list at the end. Follows APA formatting style. NB: We do not resell papers. Upon ordering, we do an original paper exclusively for you. December 6, Question Description 1. Do you need a similar assignment done for you from scratch? We have qualified writers to help you. Order now for an Amazing Discount! The post osmosis lab report appeared first on The Nursing TermPaper.

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Our help is done step by step such that your expectations and standards are met. The process by which particles or molecules pass from high concentration regions to low concentration regions via semi-permeable membranes is known as osmosis.

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lab report osmosis write research paper for me

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lab report osmosis write research paper for me

All osmosis lab report answers that we deliver are unique. Our team does not rest until customers are happy and satisfied with the work we deliver, it does not matter whether one needs help with writing a potato osmosis lab report results section or any other part, we must make them smile. If a potato is placed in distilled water, it becomes more rigid while when a potato is put in a concentrated salt solution it shrinks, wilts, becoming flexible.Please join StudyMode to read the full document.

During your time here this will be an invaluable reference. You are encouraged to refer to this document each time you write a lab report. The writing of laboratory reports is an essential part of any practical module in Psychology.

This is because psychologists and more generally most scientists write accounts of their studies using a standard format, which makes explicit certain aspects of the study. There are two main reasons for doing this: 1 Ease of communication: it is easier to find what you want from a study if it is written in the standard format. This information must be provided in detail.

It should be added that many professions now include the skills of technical report writing, which requires clear, direct and concise expression, the ability to summarize and present data, and the ability to form hypotheses and draw valid inferences. Learning to write laboratory reports will provide you with a valuable and transferable skill. This guide tells you about the structure and style that is required for a psychology laboratory Both diffusion and osmosis are forms of movement that are part of passive transport dealing with cell membranes.

Diffusion is where the solutes move from an area of high concentration to a low concentration.

Lab Report Osmosis

Water goes through the cell membranes by diffusion. Osmosis is specifically the movement of water through membranes.

Since osmosis and diffusion are both part of passive transport, this means that they do not require energy or pumps. There are different environments created due to diffusion. There are hypotonic, hypertonic, and isotonic environments. Hypotonic is when the solution has a lower solute concentration compared to the water potential.

The hypertonic solution has a higher solute concentration and lower water potential. In an isotonic solution, there is no net movement and there is an equal concentration of solutes and water. In our labwe modeled diffusion and osmosis with a hospital scenario.

It is important for an IV solution to have salts in it so the water and solute can be equal to create an isotonic environment. Introduction The reason of this experiment was to identify the properties and effects of osmosis. Osmosis can be defined as the diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane.

Osmosis is a type of diffusion. Diffusion is when molecules move from an area of higher concentration to an area of higher concentration.

The three types of concentrations are hypotonic, hypertonic, and isotonic. When in comparison to another solution, a hypertonic solution has a lower concentration, a hypertonic solution has a higher concentration, and an isotonic is when the two solutions have an equal concentration. The experiment tested the relationship between the concentration of an egg and solutions of different concentrations.

The hypothesis is that an egg placed in distilled water will gain mass while an egg placed in syrup would lose mass. Methods To perform the experiment gloves and safety goggles were obtained.

Two decalcified eggs were also obtained from the teacher. Using an electronic scale, the initial mass was measured and recorded of each egg.We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Words:Paragraphs: 4, Pages: 2. If the solution has a higher water potential than he potato cores, there will be net movement of water into the potato pieces.

Therefore, potato cores in less concentrated solutions will gain more weight than the potato cores in more concentrated solutions. Null hypothesis: Different sodium chloride concentrations in solutions have no effects on the mass of the potato cores.

MM, 0. MM solutions. Dependent responding Final mass of potato pieces Measured at the end of the experiment with a ruler in mm and an electronic balance in gram. Controlled variables Volume of solutions Each solution is mixed with CM of solvent water and then divided into two beakers with CM in each.

Room temperature All beakers are kept in the same room, so that they all experience the same conditions.

lab report osmosis write research paper for me

Type of potato All the potato pieces come from potatoes bought at a store, packaged together. Initial sizes of potato pieces Measured before putting the pieces into the solutions with a ruler in mm and an electronic balance in gram. Temperature of the solutions All the beakers were kept in the same place, so the solutions experienced the same conditions. Size and material of the beakers The ml beakers were made of glass. Duration of time the potato is left in the solutions The potato pieces were left in the solutions overnight, approximately 10 hours.

Background Information Osmosis can be defined as the movement of water across a semi-permeable membrane from a region of high water concentration to a region of low water incineration. The semi-permeable membrane allows small particles through it but does not allow large particles such as sodium chloride.

osmosis lab report

Osmosis will continue until a state of equilibrium is reached i. There is no area with a higher or lower concentration than another area. To land plants, water and osmosis are vital as they play leading roles in the structural support of a plant, they facilitate transport of materials, etc.

Don't use plagiarized sources. Lack of water will lead to a plant wilting and possibly dying. When a cell is in a hypotonic solution more solute concentration than the celleater will move from the hypersonic solution less concentrated to the hypotonic solution via the process of osmosis.

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In this experiment, the movement of water in and out of potato cells left in sodium chloride solution will be investigated. The sodium chloride molecule is too large to be passively transported across the cell membrane, so only net movement of water will happen without any input of energy.

About the author. This academic paper is crafted by Mia. She is a nursing student studying at the University of New Hampshire. All the content of this sample reflects her knowledge and personal opinion on Potato Salt Water Osmosis Lab Report and can be used only as a source of ideas for writing. Accessed December 17, Lab 4: Osmosis and Diffusion. Purpose: The purpose of this. Definition of Osmosis. Osmosis Lab Report Hypothesis: Osmosis will occur when there is an uneven distribution of solute in a solvent.

By Michael Halverson, Valhalla High. The internal environment of the human body consists largely of water-based solutions. Was the aim of this lab to determine what percent solution of sucrose is isotonic relative. Osmosis pages 4 8 read. Answer key to the experiment where students place starch in a plastic bag and.

Movement of a Cell? A thorough description of the lab protocol is included along with a brief description of. Diffusion lab report 1 diffusion introduction the human body. Lab 5: Osmosis, Tonicity, and Concentration. Label 4 lengths of dialysis tubing.

Hypothesis for osmosis potato experiment - Osmosis lab report. Advertisement Right into a rectangle. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. This lab was done to examine and comprehend how diffusion and osmosis works in diverse molarity of sucrose.

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